The academy's goal is to create tailored events on the specific needs of every department and officer, rather than pre-built ones.

Our work plans are crafted only after a thorough evaluation of the situation, the necessities and requests, all of them which are often very specific; a before and after plan is also envisioned into the event system.

The needs of a police officer in Brazil vary consistently from the ones of a sheriff in Texas, or a Carabiniere in Italy, as such only a careful analysis can help surface the real needs that a specific LEOs organization has.

Our instructors, along with being specialized in the most advanced tactical police techniques, research and rescue, etc. actively work in diverse areas of interest such as behaviorism, development and research of human resources, veterinary, administration, marketing and communication and much more.

This allows the academy to train all the necessary personnel to the resolution of every request or problematic, and elevate the standards of operations’ performance.


On line

An important amount of necessary information is presented in a theoretical form, while crucial to the training of an officer, is often burdened by an unnecessary physical presence, along with all the expenses derived (both economical and logistical).

The Academy offers cutting edge online training, thus allowing a reduction of the training costs, logistics and physical presence for many arguments.

An “on demand” system is therefore used for all the content and materials which can be perfectly and thoroughly explained via media content, along with the possibility to keep a constant contact and support.

This is structured as such that all the possible knowledge that can be taught online is converged into a single, advanced training platform available in every moment, for every department and officer; a new level of sharing which provides only the very best of lectures, training explanations and exercises.

Live Pratical

At the very heart of the tactical/police training, is indeed the experience.

The structure of our live events is realistic to an impressive extent, where departments and their specialties have means to experiment on the field what they may encounter on the streets.
Psychological and tactical matters are fused into one, continuous and intense training both day and night, through a revolutionary method which we adopted from the military training system.
LEOs, just as much as their MIL counterparts, has a strong need to experience a detailed, impactful simulation of what they’ll face when they deploy and fulfill their duties.

To do so, the events provide a personnel rotation during the training;
1) Operative
2) In training
3) Reserve

4) At rest.

As we have identified, every officer needs a constant rotation between these 4 levels in order to achieve the best results.
These events, built in realistic contexts, continuous simulations and a total immersion, are developed with all the police forces and branches; from patrol units, to K9, special intervention units, SWAT teams, counter terrorism, and as so every other specialized force within the law enforcement.
This finally brings the decisive complementarity and tactical functionality between all the departments and branches, which is often sought after but not always achieved.


Our consulting program is specifically structured with a personalized work in order to answer all the necessities of the department.
Even if often great trainings are provided from many professionals around the world, it is not as common to see well structured consulting distance (and on site) programs, which vary from before and after training, and stand alone plannings.

This kind of unique work is therefore entirely based on the requirements and needs of the departments, be it bureaucratic or tactical, with a rapid intervention for any necessities.
As such, our plans provide a constant work thorough monthly, trimestral, half-yearly and annual commitments, with which we can go through all the practical necessities of every law enforcement organization.


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