Our Mission

To instruct and protect the Blue Guardians in their operative mission, to protect and serve the laws of the nation, order and public safety.

Our vision is of a world where law enforcement officers have access to a technical and psychological education up to the standards of modern day requirements and challenges.

To serve and protect, in defense of the citizens and to guarantee their security and public order

An important responsibility, of vital relevance in everyone's life

The Blue guardians need tools and resources, from training to knowledge, just as much they need their weapons and vehicles.

A specialized, multi discipline training along with the best trainers from all over the world, great selection of resources and an expanded operative capacity thanks to avant-garde techniques, an improvement of the institutional image along with a specialization for all categories, an International experience and the constant support for every hardship the operators may encounter, along with many updates.

Zero Earth Police Academy encloses all the operative necessities for every institution.

In the last years we have seen a surge in the demand of professional instructors dedicated to the security of the operators and to new and moderns tactics.

Our will is to translate this level of training and complexity  for the MIL/PMC market to the LEOs, as our sole focus.

By partnering with national and international panoramas, we identify with the mission to combine the greatest minds in this sector.
This also allows us, thanks to the very diverse world we live in and the many different doctrines in every nation, to merge the best of the tactics into the most practical, functional and reliable law enforcement training system.

This represents the goal of the Zero Earth Police Academy: to combine the best technical and psychological techniques for LEOs.

This is why we have decided to take the step that many have taken for the military / PMCs, and bring a this new level of training to LEOs all over the world.

Training in the military world is often very sought after, especially for private contractors which already have many years of combat behind them, but it is often overlooked the importance of the training level of the single, all-day-working, police officer.

Reality is, the threats he or she may encounter range from the simple bar brawl to a life threatening situation, and they are often the first unit on site in case of terrorism attacks.

LEOs are the shield of our very own nation, and as such they deserve a level of training capable to make sure that they return to their families every night, no matter what happens or the situations they may face.

This is why our team of instructors it’s on constant training, always researching new and better techniques to help our men and women on the streets; as the very best in their countries, each and one of them strives to forge a new, safer world thanks to the preparation of law enforcement officers.


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