Marcos Fernandez

Etocan Pro Detection’s President.
Specialist in research, security and K9 training.
Instructor and trainer recognized by RSCE – Real Sociedad Canina Spain (Spanish Royal Canine Society) and by the K9 Spanish Federation.

Toni Tur

International K9 specialist in intervention and security , both for police, military and personal protection details in Spain and Sweden.

Luis Angel Caracena

Chief of Castellon’s K9 Department of Civil Protection’s research and rescue units.
Auxiliary veterinary technician graduated in Law by the University of Valladolid.

Daniel Garcia

Instructor and K9 trainer of GTIK9 (Grupo Tactico Internacional K9 – K9 International Tactical Group).
Director of the company Dante’s Kennel Academy Detection, along with the sales of green dogs for various departments and K9 Units both in USA and Mexico.

Mvz Hector Topete Tovar

Veterinary medic, instructor and trainer of advanced techniques in Guafalaiara’s University, for the National Counseling of regulations, certifications and work skills.

Mario Chavez

Ex Colonel (RE) of National Police of Colombia, with 25 years of experience in the K9 field as in the Administration of K9 units.

Fernando Garrido

Director of the training for Inter – American University in Rosario, Argentina.
Instructor for Santa Fe’s Police department and firefighters in Chile and Argentina.
Founder of the K10 Elite method. 

Toark Bogiatto

Expert in specialized business counseling for international enterprises, works in the field of behaviorism / personal training applied to entrepreneurial management.
His path in the military / LEO training began in 2012 in the US in weapons’ handling, training in various locations in the world, then applying for certification at ESA/BZ in Poland and FPP in Spain.

Gabriele Loki

World’s citizen thanks to his prodigious work in the United Nations, where he has been incorporated in 2005.
Specialized in security with many years of service, he is certified by the United Nations in regard of International Security.

Alex Atienza

Instructor for K9 security dogs, research and rescue, certified by ESPAM.
K9 instructor for Malaga’s police department, has been working in this field for over 20 years.
Also instructor for intervention’s dogs for FFCC, FFAA in different nations.

Leonardo Carrillo

K9 instructor from year 1984.
Active law enforcement officer in various departments for the Government of Mexico, has many responsibilities such as K9 intervention units and anti-kidnapping units.

Manuel I.

30 years as an active Law Enforcement Officer in tactical units in Spain.
Has begun his path as an instructor 20 years ago on basic procedures, training for citizen security for SIO and FPP, now boasting an impressive level and field of trainings.  
Part of the training program of SUP Spain.


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